The Crafted Child - Leap Into Light

Leap Into Light

The Crafted Child

LA based Alternative band of friends fighting to make art that means something more. Music that dares us to dream, and use that weird trumpet synth that just feels good. Art that moves us to believe deeper in God, lean on each other, and the power of music.

Leap Into Light summary review

The song is not your typical Christian tune, it's nothing odd or crazy, but it takes a step outside and lets you experience the alternative pop sound that blends...delivering a soulful mix of beauty and beat.

It's a tune that teases to go a little rap/gospel but quickly turns back into a temporal ride of melody. It's enjoyable and brings home a message of faith and redemption, you won't miss the fact that these are born again believers.

It's a fresh tune and if you like jamming out and having the room filled with faith and community, you will love this song.

It's got enough variation to keep you smiling and singing.

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Leap Into Light

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