About Us

About Worship Live

Worship Live brings musicians together to mature spiritually and in their giftings. Through 3-day intensive Musicians Encounters, teaching and training podcasts, live events and conferences, Worship Live is preparing the way for healing, community, and the re-firing of today’s music artists.

How Worship Live makes a difference

The interwoven ministries and initiatives of Worship Live all reach toward one purpose…turning hearts to God. We are disciple makers, ministering to the hearts of today’s music makers. When a music artist’s life is transformed, the music they make becomes life-giving, healing, hopeful, and it resonates with the love of God. We are calling forth those with the desire to see their music be used by God to tear apart the loneliness and the darkness in the lives of those lost in the deception of this world…seeing their music reach in with hope for the hurting, love for the lonely, and comfort for those in despair.

Why Worship Live?

God spoke to our hearts and told us that, “From secular to Christian artists that have forgotten who they are, reveal my Kingdom to them, young and old…write the songs, let your voice be heard”. Our charge is to take back the music industry that has been polluted for decades by the enemy, to reignite the music artists of the Lord and re-engage them with their high calling, and to bring in and disciple those with a desire to infiltrate the airwaves with new songs that bring God’s Kingdom and Word near.

About our founders

Lisa and Vin Fetty each came to the Lord in their early twenties. Having grown up in households where they were surrounded by music, it is no surprise that they both were so drawn to it. As Christ followers, that love of music was expressed through dancing and singing for Lisa and playing the guitar and writing poetry for Vin. When they met in the year 2000, they knew God would utilize their gifts for His purpose. 

As the vision unfolded for Worship Live Ministries from 2015 to 2018, Lisa and Vin sought the Lord for His timing and watched as the Lord began to bring favor upon this ministry.

Worship Live will boldly and unashamedly declare the Kingdom of God through every avenue of music.

See our statement of faith for more.

Join The Fight

We have a responsibilty, to not just go to church, but to be the church. God's Word says "You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden." -Matthew 5:14.

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