Scott Aitken - All That You Need

All That You Need

Scott Aitken

Scott Aitken is a multi-talented musician and artist. He was born and raised in South Florida where he was influenced by the sounds of 90’s alternative rock and reggae/acoustic rock.

All That You Need summary review

When I first heard the song, I said the same thing as many of the comments you might read - "it sounds positive, has a great vibe, and it's got a catchy beat".

For me, I can picture this song being used as an opening/closing track for a movie. Now, I don't see it as a praise song at church, I would not suggest it for that use, but decent for working out at the gym. It's a good clean song with an upbeat rhythm that drives fast for the entire tune.

It must be said, many a liberty has been taken with the lyrics, and as a Christian artist, it's still your prerogative. As example, here is a line taken from the song, "you can watch the world once loved decay from our stratosphere of peace". I love a good riddle too, but this sounds like poetry retrofitted into a song.

If you are looking for meaning, there are a lot of fill-in-the-blanks moments. Meaning, the phrasing is like a scattergun of excitement that lacks depth of substance.

This is not a hard slam on the song because, if you are going for entertaining and energetic, "All That You Need" hits the spot.

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All That You Need

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