Jessie Early - Everything is Right

Everything is Right

Jessie Early

A Nashville native, Jessie Early grew up surrounded by music and has continued the legacy of her family of musicians and songwriters by building a name for herself as both a successful artist and sought after songwriter.

Everything is Right summary review

A lovely song with a soulful tone and rhythm that dances loosely around faith. I say that because the song can retrofit any person's life. If the song is trying to say "Jesus when you came into my life, now everything is right" is a bit of a stretch. So, if the song is about God, in any fashion, I cannot find it. What I get from this song, is that it's a song for everyone. It does not diminish the message nor elevate it.

Musically, the art and character of "Everything is Right" is a steady solid beat throughout and adding in the sweet voice of Jessie Early, it's a loving reminder that moments matter.

For influences, I am not certain, but it is reminiscent of Leigh Nash from "Sixpence None The Richer".

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Everything is Right

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