Jason Piquette - Moth & Rust

Moth & Rust

Jason Piquette

Jason Piquette is a Floridian singer/songwriter with a knack for writing both catchy and somber Americana and folk tunes. You get plenty of each in his debut release "Dance Again", an album that proves he has the chops to stand among the bigger names in the genre.

Moth & Rust summary review

The song "Moth & Rust" has a predominantly acoustic unplugged feel, with a bit of piano thrown in. Right off the cuff I will tell you that, the song is not a Christian cliche type tune. It has heart and soul and a message that makes it unique, at least to my ears.

It's a song that brings you along for the ride, it lets you in to discover and be part of the story, one that we should all be mindful of. For the overall sound, if you are like me, you may eventually want to hear the rhythm dialed up and the sound to get bigger because, at times, it feels like it drags down a bit too much, but the skilled poetic lyrics are the crown on the song.

From what I hear, the influence, it's got a sound in the likes of Tracy Chapman (1980s).

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