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Faithful God

I Am They

I Am They made their way onto the contemporary Christian music scene after releasing their hit single, "Scars," in 2018. The group is comprised of vocalists/guitarists Matt Hein, Brandon Chase, and Abbie Parker. On the keyboard is Justin Shinn, and Nicole Hickman rounds out the group as the drummer. "Faithful God" is arguably one of their best on their new album.

Faithful God summary review

There are songs where there is no doubt what the message is and "Faithful God" delivers on that premise. If you are going through a tough time, this song will ring through just as the song's title states "Faithful God", that God is Faithful through your tough times, all we need to do is trust Him. The song throughout is a declaration that God's promises are forever and you can bank on them.

On the other side, what you may find, it's a bit like a lot of other songs and you may hear that their sound is somehow familiar. Regardless, many will appreciate their dedication toward faith through the music they create. I would call "Faithful God" an anthem to the love and endless faithfulness of God...overall, well done.

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Faithful God

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