Evvie McKinney - Just Like God

Just Like God

Evvie McKinney

"Just Like God" blends together genres of soul, rock, R&B and gospel to create a unique sound that beautifully showcases Evvie’s range and musicality.

Just Like God summary review

Evvie's outlook on life really shines through in "Just Like God". It's full of energy and deep soulful sounds, she has lived it and thus her song gives a true peek into Evvie's way of life.

The song rings true in its moments of encouragement and faith in God. Especially today, like none other, "The world is changing", life ain't always easy, but God is the same today, yesterday, and always. The message is clear throughout - God confounds the wise when His blessings drop out of nowhere. At the core, the song is about keeping a heart of gratitude and always knowing where your help comes from. Ain't that Just Like God!

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Just Like God

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