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Everything In Slow Motion

This is the bands second full length album and, all together, their fourth musical piece. It's been two long years for their fans to wait and the Christian rock scene needs a fresh sound. Only you can decide if the band hits the mark for you.

Influence summary review

The song style as with most of their music is a post-metal driver, rock your socks off, and to add, the guitar work and the bands commitment to their craft does not disappoint. From a lyrics standpoint, the song Influence is pure entertainment with lyrics that are nonsensical...let's take one line "Hands over my eyes, I fall asleep into a nightmare held by ghosts". Slamming words into this punchy jam seems to be the song's crutch. If you desire a pure blast your ears-off experience, then rock on. But, if you want a deeper experience, then I suggest you move on.

Now, it's not our place to slam the band, but compared to many of their other songs from the past, personally, I want more of that. They have shown they can rock out, I have no doubt they will always give it all in that area.

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