Andrew Word - Within These Walls

Within These Walls

Andrew Word

Andrew Word is a singer-songwriter who makes acoustic-driven music about redemption and relationship. His layered, organic songs draw upon folk and indie-acoustic influences. Andrew lives in Arkansas with his wife and two children.

Within These Walls summary review

"Within These Walls" is more than a song - I am going to venture out and say it's a prophetic word to the lost, to the downtrodden, to those who are believers that can't find the light at the moment.

Well, here you go...God is always thinking about you, even when you are silent towards Him. He sees you not as you are, but as He sees you - shining and bright, joyful, and the amazing love He created.

If that is you, then this song is about you, and it's the way to get out of your own space...a place where you both meet in secret. Even though it's hard to reach out when you're "Within These Walls", He knows you and His arms are open wide, ready to hold you close.

The song is anointed, that means it has a level to it that God has a hand in, a message that will stretch beyond your (and my) understanding. It's a special song, and it's filled with acoustic guitar and banjo picking in places that really complement its tone and sweet melody.

It's simple, sung true, "your song is alive and it's filling the empty".

I would say this song is well worth the purchase and keeping it in your library, listening to it often, sharing it - especially when you feel far from God or you just need to realize that He loves you much more than you know.

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Within These Walls

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