Brian Doerksen, "Hymns for Life"

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing songwriter Brian Doerksen about his EP release, "Everlasting Arms" ( I felt a bit starstruck, although Brian comes across humble and sincere with his desire to only point to Jesus. During this interview, Brian shared that he was moving into a new project, one on Kickstarter. I thought that was quite interesting, as Kickstarter is the last place I expected to see this amazing recording artist share his work.

In his Kickstarter campaign, Brian wrote...

"Why does an established artist (someone like me who had made a living from music for years) need to run a Kickstarter campaign? Good question. The music business began a radical shift about 20 years ago through digital piracy (if you want to get the inside story read 'How Music Got Free' by Stephen Witt.) Where we’ve landed now is convenient for consumers yet unsustainable and unjust for music creators. The 2 biggest conduits (Spotify and Apple) pay so little per stream that artists and songwriters get paid virtually nothing from thousands of streams…"

Add to this the fact that most artists make a significant portion of their income from live venues and those opportunities have been decimated by COVID-19. Brian’s new project is titled "Hymns for Life" and it has a projected release date of January 2021. Brian, we can’t wait!!!

And, if you are interested in being a blessing to Brian, and other artists like him, here are some ways to show your support:

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