Auburn Skies

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Story Behind Auburn Skies

Story Behind Auburn Skies

Aly Aleigha Band - Live at OneFest 2021

Artist Info:

Aly Aleigha is an Indie-Folk Singer/Songwriter from Duluth, MN. When she is not touring, Aly spends her days rock climbing cliffs that plunge into beautiful Lake Superior or adventuring in some way. Aly's smoky voice and intimate lyrics have held listeners captive since her musical career began in 2015, after graduating from Franciscan University of Steubenville, OH and releasing her debut EP “Jealous Love.” The 4-track album, largely inspired by her studies in Theology & Catechetics, immediately gained traction, which encouraged Aly to form a band and release her first full-length album, “The Labyrinth” in 2016.

GENRE: Indie-Folk, Indie-Alternative, Singer/Songwriter

INSPIRATIONS: Gregory Alan Isakov, Bon Iver, Novo Amor, Mumford & Sons, Vance Joy, Josh Garrels, The Oh Hello's

SOUNDS LIKE: If Lauren Daigle is Chocolate and Gregory Alan Isakov is Peanut Butter, The Aly Aleigha Band is a Reese’s Cup

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