Colony House - When The Walls Come Crashing Down

Colony House is an American indie rock quartet. In light of COVID, they recently released a single called “When The Walls Come Crashing Down.” It features Christian Rock pioneer and lead singer of the one and only Switchfoot, and singer-songwriter Jillian Edwards. Although these artists are clearly not indie, I wanted to do a review of them because these featured artists paved the way for what Christian Rock is today. Here we go!


The title is long but the expression is an attention grabber. The title gives an idea of what the song is going to be about. The first line in the verse starts with an inner rhyme; very clever.

However, the content in the verses don’t make that much sense together. It feels as though the writer is trying to tell the story but they are not showing what’s happening so, it seems a little lost. Lots of good analogies, though. I guess it’s one of those songs that has a strong enough chorus that it’s not noticeable in the first listen.


The composition and production is incredible. The build in the beginning of the song with the keys in the background gives an ethereal feel. It’s a nicely driven acoustic guitar song. The vocals blend well together. The production isn’t redundant, which is really nice! The electric guitar riffs that are added in the second chorus gives it some color.


I don’t understand what the artwork means but it’s not badly made. I’m assuming that Colony House will release other singles that will make the meaning of the album artwork more clear.


The mix is an obvious “10” since they more than likely got an advance from their label to record the song.

The overall session was good. Production wise, it’s a clear “10”. The instrumentation and vocals of the song had a lot of color that make it a worthy listen. The verses were a bit of a letdown because it didn’t really connect, but the chorus was good. Definitely sing songy. It gives a campy feel and has an uplifting message. It’s a song I wouldn’t mind listening to again and can also take some good notes from.

Rating: 8.5/10






Colony House: “When The Walls Come Crashing Down”

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When The Walls Come Crashing Down