Sean Feucht, "Let Us Worship"

This simple, yet powerful phrase was declared by Sean Feucht, a worship leader who is a part of Bethel Church, located in Redding, California. As churches across the world are being strongly advised to forego gatherings in order to prevent the spread of the virus, Feucht has been “rallying the troops” in order to remind the government that assembling together to worship Jesus is indeed essential. Not only is it essential, it is a God-given right.

As a native of California, Feucht was particularly provoked when the governor of the state placed a ban on “singing, chanting, and shouting” and strongly advised residents to limit gatherings to three families or less.

“It is time for us to take a stand and fight back. Not only does this come against our rights as Americans and as the Church, but it goes against everything we believe in as Christians”, Feucht said in a video that he posted back in early July.

The remarkable thing is that what began as one “worship protest” in order to lift up the name of Jesus and protect religious liberties, has now turned into an all-out tour that is gaining the attention of major news stations and social media platforms alike. From Nashville, TN to Fresno, CA - and many other states across America - thousands of people have come and experienced the salvation of Christ, miracles, and freedom from mental, emotional, and spiritual oppression. Most importantly, the name of Jesus is proudly being lifted, especially at a time when the Church is being advised to stay quiet.

As a result, testimonies of God’s power and love have been pouring in. One testimony in particular was that of a woman in Tampa, FL who had been battling Fibromyalgia for quite some time. During worship, she could feel the peace and presence of God all over her body as the pain began to leave. God miraculously healed her, and now the Fibromyalgia is gone. She wept in gratitude as she recounted the story to Feucht one evening after the meeting.

On top of this, many baptisms have taken place as people have been professing their faith in Jesus Christ and coming into a newfound relationship with Him. This is a prime example of what the psalmist King David meant when he wrote in Psalms 22:3 that “God inhabits the praises of His people”. Worship and praise has a way of inviting God to come and do whatever He wants, and that is exactly what has been happening.

Although the tour has been a huge encouragement to the majority of the Body of Christ, the courageous protests have not come without persecution and backlash. Many government officials, along with even some Christians, have condemned Feucht’s protests and accused him of putting the lives of others in danger. In addition to this, there have even been mockers who have shown up to oppose and speak against what is taking place at the gatherings. Nonetheless, their God-driven efforts have progressed forward and God has always been faithful to move amongst them.

The last stop of the tour took place on October, 25th in Washington, D.C. on the National Mall. Over 35,000 people were in attendance for that event.