Drugs, Judgment, and Christian Music

From the title, you are probably asking yourself, "What does this have to do with Christian Music"? I assure you, this will all make perfect sense soon.

Some excerpts taken from Revolver interview in 2018.

Depending on your music style, which for many is whatever is playing on the Christian radio station at the time. If that is so, you may have never heard of the band Underoath. They played what is known as white metal. It's also called Christian metal and combines heavily distorted guitars and double-bass drums with screamed or growled lyrics. Notice I said played. The band is gone as of this writing as a Christian label, now secular, and even though I don't listen much to Christian metal, I do care. Why? Well, it's not because it changes my life one way or another, but it stains the Christian music scene for many and it bugs me. Spencer Chamberlain, the lead singer for the band from all intents and purposes, use to consider himself a Christian.  Now, Jesus did not fail Spencer but influences, disappointments and other Christians played their part.

Taking Back The Music Industry:

We believe bands, songwriters and music artists need to be discipled in a different way than the Sunday church going believer. That is one of the main reasons God birthed Worship Live within my wife and I.  He has anointed us for our ministry, to help artists that are ready to experience a raw and true Gospel.  To crush the enemy's twisted purpose that has somewhere along the way gotten in.

Underoath, if they are willing, I challenge them to search out for the Kingdom of God again and go all in for Him. We have a disciple driven ministry that is about creating stronger community and building relationships that have an impact on a global scale within the music industry.

It's important to remember, instead of jumping to judging, we need to prayer and be anointed to do our part; even if that part is guarding what comes out of our mouth towards one another. We all need a strong community, so let Jesus show up in us for those going through rough times.

When Perception Meets Deception:

Chamberlain saw this first hand for himself within Christianity, commenting about it.

"You couldn’t do anything without someone being angry. People don’t realize how much pressure comes to living up to the Christian life when in fact we talk a good game but the judgement is on us".

Perceptions should never put truth is above fact.

I appreciated the transparency of Spencer, and in fairness, drug addition is a demon of control - over the body and mind. Spiritually, we can argue the point, but it's a moot and the deal is done for now.

A Point of Failure:

"My drug problem was very public and all of the Christian community hated me. I was struggling and all I was getting was hate, like, all I’m having is people tell me how shitty I am all the time. That’s not love, that’s not comfortable. The most alone and isolated I’ve ever been in my life is when I considered myself a Christian, personally.” - Spencer Chamberlain

This next statement is everything that God has spoken to me personally and a big why for Worship Live.